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Visual Rumour Roundup: The Apple Tablet

Above is a preview of our visual rumour roundup for the Apple Tablet. For the full post and a higher resolution version head over to our new site at


Thoughts on the PSP Go

sony-psp-go_1PSP Go

Last month at E3, Sony announced the fourth addition to the PSP (Playstation Portable) family, the PSP Go. This ‘futuristic’ gadget looks impressive. The two previous additions to the original PlayStation Portable have been largely unexciting, but Sony hopes to recapture the market with the more portable option.

This new PSP has been, as expected, completely redesigned. This new PSP has a huge slide out screen to enhance game play, movie viewing and internet surfing. Graphics in this hand held device have supposedly been highly improved, and publishers have announced a slew of new games to be released when the device arrives in October.

Keep on the look out for the new PSP Go…

– o.

iPhone 3G & 3G S

WWDC coverage

iPhone 3G

iPhone 3G S


$99 8GB

$199 16GB

$299 32GB


2 megapixels

3 megapixels


Tap to focus

Video recording

New features

Cut, Copy, and Paste


Spotlight Search

Landscape Keyboard

Voice Memos

Improved performance

Built-in video camera

Voice Control


Cut, Copy, and Paste


Spotlight Search

Landscape Keyboard

Voice Memos


Battery life

Talk time:

Up to 5 hours on 3G

Up to 10 hours on 2G

Standby time:

Up to 300 hours

Internet use:

Up to 5 hours on 3G

Up to 6 hours on Wi-Fi

Audio playback:

Up to 24 hours on audio

Video playback:

Up to 7 hours of video

Talk time:

Up to 5 hours on 3G

Up to 12 hours on 2G

Standby time:

Up to 300 hours

Internet use:

Up to 5 hours on 3G

Up to 9 hours on Wi-Fi

Audio playback:

Up to 30 hours on audio

Video playback:

Up to 10 hours of video

[Apple] – c.

WWDC 2009: 3rd generation iPhone graphical rumor round-up

Picture 3

TGR WWDC 2009 iPhone graphic rumor round-up

Here’s a graphical representation I put together of the dozens of rumors that have been circulating over the past few months regarding the third generation iPhone that’s likely to be announced next week at WWDC 2009 (our keynote liveblog details can be found here). Click the image for a higher resolution version. There’s a few notes for this one:
* I’ve put some source numbers beside each arrow, these are the references for each rumor and are published at the bottom of this post.
* The rumors (such as release date and price) that don’t really match a particular part of the iPhone’s hardware/software have been placed at a random point on the back of the iPhone.
* The prediction key is based entirely on my own opinion, and is by no means accurate.
Of course, if anything else develops between now and Phil’s keynote, I’ll be listing them here, so be sure to check back before the day, and remember, we’ll be covering the keynote live right here on TGR, click here for the details. – r.

Update: It seems this has generated quite some interest around the internet with more than 10,000 people visiting per day – thanks for your views, tweets and pings!

Update 2: The great folks over at have translated the graphic into Spanish. Check it out here!

Source list:





5: (Translated)
















21: (Translated)





Wallpaper Weekend: iPhone Spark

iPhone sparks

Here’s the first (and last) iPhone 3G wallpaper I’m making before Phil Schiller and the team (are likely to) unveil a new iPhone at WWDC this year (our live keynote coverage is here). Either way, I’ll make sure I create an updated version with the third generation iPhone when it arrives, and until then, download and enjoy this one! Click on the thumbnail for the 1920×1200 copy. – r.

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New Sprint/Palm spot debuts on US television

Ads like these are the reason I take an interest in the industry. Brilliantly executed, it shows off Sprint’s “most dependable 3G network” via a series of interesting statistics, all in a neat sixty second package. As for the phone itself? Well, at least one of our senior editors is seriously considering replacing his iPhone with Palm’s latest innovation, and will cover the release of the Palm Pre on the expected release date of May 17th.

iPod very very popular; Others very very not


These statistics, from Piper Jaffray’s latest bi-annual survey, show a whopping 86% of teens that own any variation of Apple’s iPod. Furthermore, and perhaps most interestingly, is the highlighted column that shows 100% of teens want or are planning to buy an iPod within the next twelve months. Yes, that’s, well, everyone. I think it’s fair to say that this is pretty bad news for Microsoft, Sony, iRiver, Creative and all the other MP3 player manufacturers, all of which pretty much target adolescents in their advertisements. Judging by these figures, it won’t be long before Apple reaches saturation point. Meanwhile, 97% of teens use iTunes as their preferred online music store and 16% plan to purchase an iPhone in the next six months, with 8% owning one already. – r.

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