Alfa Passion

alfa romeo 8c competizioneIn modern day society,  two Italian super car brands seemingly dominate their category, Ferrari and Lamborghini, undoubtedly great cars, with their Italian/ German style, finesse and of course their stomach wrenching speeds and power.

Trying to outdo one of the two… well? let’s be quite frank, is a huge risk and could end in tears. So what were Alfa thinking then? did they actually believe they could abolish the Ferrari’s finesse or the Lambo ludicrousness… Well its name just so happens to translate into Competition in it’s birth language, so let us see if it lives up to it shall we?

It has been dubbed the Alfa romeo Competitzione, A civil war is about to break out. But it’s got the specs to give the Stallion a run for it’s money, beside its mind-boggling 0-60 time of 4.4 seconds its deliver a massive punch. As a sports coupe, we will see how it’s shapes up to probably it’s biggest rival in the market. The 599 GTB Fiorano.

The 599.

  • 0-60.  3.7 seconds.
  • BHP   611 bhp
  • Curb weight  1,690 kg.
  • Fuel Capacity  19 MPG

Alfa romeo Competitzione.

  • 0-60. 4.4 seconds.
  • BHP   444 bhp.
  • Curb weight  1585 kg
  • Fuel Capacity  23 MPG

Sadly, The Alfa does not compare with the Ferraris  sheer power or speed. But, what I believe is the reason I adore this car so much, and why I share love for every romeo. Is the vast amounts of passion and effort that is gently tee spooned onto these machines. Whilst lambo is being overruled by the Germans, Alfa still retains it’s Italian heritage, and this is why I so highly recommend this car, because it is not just a piece of machinery, it’s a work of pure art.

Better than it’s rivals, well… lets be honest no, but Alfa has made a statement about itself which will send chills down the Stallions black neck.



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