Confessions of a lazy blogger

Picture 7

Isla Fisher's head really is full of Air.

Cue these three songs immediately.

Right, well it’s been quite a while since last posting here at The Green Room. This time, however, I promise we’re back (honest)!

This is just a heads up about a pretty major site upgrade that will hopefully be launched on our first birthday (August 20th). Until then, posts are going to be a little light around here (just like usual) but rest assured, we haven’t abandoned TGR.

To verify that I’m not lying, I’m adding a rather large “Under construction” banner to the site’s header in the meantime, so keep hitting that refresh button every now and then for updates and juicy details about TGR 2.0.

Now that you’ve read this, you can cue this song instead, knowing that the best really is yet to come… – r.


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