WWDC: Ten things you should know

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Now that Phil Schiller’s WWDC keynote is done with, here’s the ten things you should know in case you missed our liveblog coverage. – r.

1. There are now over 75 million Mac users worldwide

2. The unibody 13-inch MacBooks are now called MacBook Pros. They’ve got better batteries, better screens, Firewire, SD cards and they cost less, too.

3. The final copy of Safari 4 is out today, and you can download it here.

4. Snow Leopard is almost here. It gives you 6GB of storage BACK, it’s got OpenCL, 64-bit and Grand Central Dispatch. It’s also got Exchange support built-in at no extra cost.

5. QuickTime X has a new UI, it’s frameless and it’s beautiful. Built from scratch. It’s really fast and lets you do quick & easy editing.

6. Better yet, it’s only $29 (USD) to upgrade from Leopard when it arrives in September. Unfortunately, it’s an Intel only OS.

7. iPhone OS 3.0 arrives on June 17th. Previously unannounced features include: Buy movies, TV shows, music videos and audiobooks using iTunes on your device, multiple iTunes accounts, better Parental Controls and more language love. The really good news? Internet tethering via USB or Bluetooth. The bad news? AT&T won’t support it.

8. There’s a new iPhone arriving, also on June 17th (depending on your location), and it’s called iPhone 3GS. It’s got a 3 megapixel auto-focus, video recording camera (and you can edit, too). It also (finally) allows voice controls and commands and has a built-in compass. It looks and feels exactly the same as iPhone 3G does. You can browse the internet for up to nine hours on 3GS.

9. That iPhone is $199/$299 (AT&T prices) for 16/32GB capacities and sits along side the 8GB iPhone 3G (for just $99). There’s an ad here.

10. Overall (in my opinion), it was a better-than-average keynote from Phil Schiller and the team. The new iPhone is somewhat disappointing, but has some useful (and long needed) new features. Your average consumer is going to be a little disappointed with the backend-driven Snow Leopard OS, and everyone in the US now hates AT&T more than ever before for not supporting tethering or MMS at launch.

More WWDC coverage can be found here – r.


2 Responses to “WWDC: Ten things you should know”

  1. 1 tom09 June 9, 2009 at 8:40 pm

    how cool was the find my iphone app..!! =D

  2. 2 TK June 10, 2009 at 5:26 pm

    unique Appwall shown for the first time at WWDC 09 http://applechipmunks.com/app-store/unique-appwall-shown-at-wwdc-09/

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