This week in Gaming: Madworld

Madworld Platform: Nintendo Wii

Developers: Platform Games, Sega

Classification: MA 15+

Genre: Action, Fighting

Now I don’t usually give a five star rating for any game, but for this one, it deserves it. Sega and Platform games have teamed up to create the recently released Madworld for Wii. Wii is not known for  being a hardcore gaming console, rather a family game, however this game completely changes the theory.

You play as Jack, a survivalist in a city that has been taken over by another race. You are forced to compete in a game show called ‘Death Watch’ where you have to fight enemies in order to survive. You go around the city killing enemies in the most brutal of brutal ways using weapons such as Chainsaws, Spiked Baseball bats and even ninja blades.  Each kill gains you a certain amount of points, the more brutal the kill, the higher amount of points rewarded. In order to win the game show, you must gain a high amount of points.

You fight around a map, with a boss at each level, each level is made up of the most twisted ideas such as ninjas riding on motorbikes and bus’ with metal spikes on the side.Through out each level you acquire new weapons such as massive poles, ninja swords and studded baseball bats. However you have your trusty , rusty chain saw the whole way through the game .

The colours in the game include black, white and a whole lot of red! This allows the graphics to be better on the Wii as it was not as much hard work to make only three colours in the game , and the designers could work on rendering the graphics to make it great for the Wii. Madworld is also multiplayer. You can play side by side with a friend and compete in the most gruesome challenges. This game also includes a 15 song hip-hop sound track to match the game, which gives the game an even better feel to it.

Who ever came up with this game is either a mental patient or a complete and utter genius. This game is a must have for your Wii, and is  a total classic. I hope all Wii users out there can  experience the glory of this game.

Madworld Screen Shot



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