Antiglare 15″ MacBook Pro just around the corner?

While visiting my local Apple Store yesterday, I noticed (amongst the dozens of notebooks on display) a 15″ MacBook Pro with an antiglare (or matte) screen. This seemed to be particularly odd, since Apple currently only includes the glossy display option on all of their notebooks, except of course the 17″ MacBook Pro, where it can be configured with an antiglare screen for an extra $50 (USD). Unlike the matte 17″ MBP, this notebook did not feature an aluminum “border” around the screen, but, as the photos show, instead sported a black plastic “border” like the rest of Apple’s late 2008 unibody notebooks. Could this be an error on Apple’s part? Is an antiglare 15″MacBook Pro imminent? Could it be one of Phil Schiller’s WWDC announcements? It’s arguable, since Apple’s been playing down the outside-friendly display (instead choosing to promote their super glossy LEDs), but that was definitely an antiglare screen on a 15″ MacBook Pro. – r.

Note: I tried my best to capture the MacBook Pro so that it was clear that it featured an antiglare screen, but the iPhone’s convenient camera can only do so much…


3 Responses to “Antiglare 15″ MacBook Pro just around the corner?”

  1. 1 Peter June 3, 2009 at 7:56 am

    There would be hardly any chance that a store would have put a new product out… they don’t even receive stock until a product is announced, usually.

    More likely it is a regular MacBook Pro with an antiglare film set on it, like the ones that you can get for an iPhone, which many of the Apple Stores also sell.

    • 2 r. June 3, 2009 at 8:08 am

      That is probably the most likely scenario – unfortunately I didn’t check for a film set ‘seam’ around the edges. Even I was surprised by a supposedly unreleased product sitting right there on the desk! Thanks for the comment, Peter.

  2. 3 Dave July 28, 2009 at 4:49 am

    Okay i thought I was just crazy because i saw this, too, in my Apple store. I don’t buy the anti-glare film theory bc I scrutinized that bad boy inch by inch!

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