Rant of the week: Mac Geek Blog


While this series has seemingly become the one of the more increasingly occasional, I thought I’d take some time to rant about the MacGeekBlog. First of all, they’re jerks. What kind of site sells cracked copies of the iPhone 3.0 beta then promotes it by telling unsuspecting potential customers that it’s a saving? It would be like The Pirate Bay selling music cheaper than iTunes – but they don’t, because the music is pirated. That’s the trade-off when you download illegally. Yes, it’s free, but it’s also illegal. MacGeekBlog seems to think it’s a great idea to make people buy illegitimate copies of software.

Secondly, who puts pop-ups on their site? Even more annoyingly, who puts pop-ups on their site that avoid the Safari pop-up blocker? Who, I ask you, who? I got ten pop-ups on my desktop just by browsing fourteen MGB pages. I’d be better off with Zango installed on a damn PC. To add insult to injury, they’re for those IQ Tests that everyone – repeat – everyone hates.

Sites such as these are a waste of space and bring a bad name to the Mac community. Please, I’m begging you – clean yourselves up. – r.

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