Introducing Lisa & Jackson – the most unpopular people in the world

This travesty of a commercial is the latest in Microsoft’s “PCs-are-cheaper-therefore-better” campaign. Aside from the obvious technical and aesthetic advantages to the Macintosh (that any fanboy would happily explain to you), what eleven-year-old in their right mind would prefer a PC to a Mac? Remember Jackson, Windows has Songsmith, not Garageband. What about Lisa, the only teenager/mum (I’m really not sure which) who’d rather have a fat, heavy, Blu-ray equipped PC than a thin, white MacBook? Let’s be honest here: kids love Macs. For Satan Microsoft to attack Apple on this front is not only strategically flawed, but will damage their credibility with consumers. I’ll admit that I’m not exactly Steve Ballmer’s biggest fan, but this is just childish. Pick up your game, MS. – r.

(Oh, I almost forgot: /rant)


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