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3:44 Hello once again everyone, we are up and running and ready for iPhone 3.0. Feel free to leave a comment at any stage throughout today’s liveblog.

3:46 14 minutes to go

3:47 Apple’s Playlist: Coldplay

3:47 People are pouring in to the building, most in their seats.

3:49 Just about 10 minutes left until iPhone 3.0

3:53 Apple’s Playlist: Jack Johnson & Radiohead.

3:56 Mr Apple voiceover tells all to turn off cellphones. Here we go!

4:01 As Ryan Seacrest would say, “Dim the lights”

4:02 Greg Joswiak is up.

4:03 Talks about iPhone today, available in over 80 countries, 13.7 million sold.

4:04 Scott (Forstall) will also be presenting today.

4:05 Greg’s stats: 800,000 SDK downloads, 50,000 developers have joined the paid ADC.

4:06 Talks about Gameloft’s 2M+ downloads, shows a short Trism video.

4:07 More about iPhone application development, nothing new here…

4:08 “We’ve had a lot of curiosity over the submission process”

4:08 96% of apps approved.

4:09 800 million app downloads.

4:09 Greg says thanks, Scott up for iPhone 3.0 preview

4:10 Scott is the SVP of iPhone software.

4:10 Will discuss developer benefits of 3.0 first.

4:11 1,000 new APIs for devs in 3.0

4:12 Talks about App Store improvements…

4:13 New in-app purchase model available on App Store e.g. more game levels,

e-books etc.

4:15 In-app purchase is for paid apps only. Same 30% for Apple rule applies.

4:16 Apple is also going to support P2P connectivity “This is great for games”

4:17 nice. new API allows you to find other iPhones/iPod touches in the area and connect via Bonjour.

4:18 works for any app, particularly good for multiplayer games.

4:18 3.0 allows hardware accessories to build apps to accompany that accessory.

4:21 Devs can use custom protocols for hardware apps.

4:21 Moving on to Maps.

4:22 3.0 allows devs to embed Maps into their applications using a new API.

4:22 Great news for me!

4:23 And developers can now make turn-by-turn GPS apps!!!

4:23 Uses core location technology.

4:24 Moving on to Push notification

4:25 Apple acknowledges their lateness ‘due to the scale of apps on the App Store’… feel they’ve got it right now.

4:26 Talks about disadvantages of Background Processing.

4:26 Drains battery life & performance.

4:29 Same demo of Push since last year. Unsurprisingly, no background apps will come to the iPhone, but in my opinion push is fine – as long as they actually release it.

4:30 iPod library access, game voice chat, text selection and more, just some of the APIs.

4:31 It’s demo time. Apple asked a few devs to make some apps with 3.0, first up its the creators of meebo, the IM app.

4:32 Apple seems to have a thing for Instant Messaging today.

4:32 Add in-app email to that list of new APIs by the way.

4:34 Somehow I think Apple might drift a bit with these app demos. Interesting and all, but somewhat drawn out (judging by previous events).

4:35 Electronic Arts up next.

4:36 Demoing iPhone’s Sims 3.

4:37 The Sims 3 for iPhone will allow you to purchase various items for your Sims within the app (in-app purchase here folks)

4:38 Oracle up next. No offence guys, but you’re not exactly copy-and-paste.

4:41 Oracle done.

4:41 ESPN up next.

4:43 ESPN moves from webapp to native app, uses push for scores and news, etc.

4:45 Something of interest – streaming media in ESPN’s app. it adjusts to your quality of bandwidth.

4:46 next up Lifescan, a medical something-or-other.

4:46 Diabetes management. There you go.

4:51 Looks to be quite useful for those with diabetes.

4:52 Next up, ngmoco

4:52 New Rolando features ahead?

4:53 Neil Young up. No, not that one.

4:54 two new games – LiveFire (1st person shooter) and Touch Pets.

4:56 various new APIs being used in these games. looks good.

4:59 Next up the people behind Smule.

5:02 new app from smule – leaf trombone. music. multiplayer.

5:04 Scott comes back. Lovin’ Smule’s music performance.

5:05 Consumer side! More than 100 new features in 3.0.

5:05 And the moment you’ve all been waiting for… Cut, Copy and Paste!

5:07 double tap on text, speech bubble appears with cut/copy/paste options. drag to make your selection.

5:08 Select blocks of text easily in Safari, recognizes paragraphs.

5:09 nice ‘shake to undo’ function thrown in there.

5:10 copy and paste works in 3rd party apps, too.

5:10 Moving on. It appears the SMS app has changed (supports MMS?)

5:11 You can now send more than one photo in an email by copy/paste.

5:12 Finally, landscape across most apps!

5:13 Works in Mail, SMS, Notes…

5:14 Moving on to the renamed “Messages” app (from SMS)

5:14 MMS. Support. Here. Now.

5:15 photos, contact info and audio files over the network through messages!

5:16 and an in-built voice recorder here too! Send memos through Messages or Mail.

5:17 Calendar suppost – subscriptions, .ics

5:17 added support for CalDAV

5:18 Stocks gets an upgrade (Yay?) landscape mode + key news stories at the bottom of the screen

5:18 Also you can now search in all ‘key’ Applications

5:19 And yes, that includes Mail

5:20 new home screen for spotlight search

5:23 great news here folks…

5:24 itunes account creation, youtube accounts, stereo bluetooth, live streaming, shake to shuffle… and heaps more.

5:25 Greg comes on to talk about release of 3.0

5:26 developer beta is out today.

5:26 developer forums coming to help share information.

5:27 15 more App Store countries today.

5:29 iPhone OS 3.0 is available “this Summer”. Free for iPhone customers… $9.95 for iPod touch owners. Works on original iPhone, some features don’t however (e.g. MMS)

5:30 And we are out

5:30 Q&A with Scott… and Phil Schiller

5:35 TIME asks why copy and paste took way longer than it should have.. Apple responds with “security issues”. Whaaaa?

5:36 No Flash news today.

5:41 Thanks for viewing the liveblog, we’ll have more info shortly.


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