Review: Aqua Jigsaw & Jigsaw Wild

Aqua Jigsaw & Jigsaw Wild

Developer: 99 Games, Robosoft
Genre: Games (Puzzle)
Device: iPod touch 1G (Compatible with all iPhone and iPod touch models)
Price: AJ – $1.99 (USD), $2.49 (AUD) JW – $1.99 (USD), $2.49 (AUD)


Aqua Jigsaw is a fun mobile game that keeps you going on those long trips that seem to drag on forever. It’s a classic jigsaw game with a nice twist – you’re timed on how fast you can assemble your puzzle together. The goal is to beat your score, or beat friends’ scores. A particularly neat feature is being able to customize your own puzzle, according to a saved photo of your choice.

With a name like ‘Aqua Jigsaw’, it’s kinda obvious that all of the puzzle you’re solving are water and  sea based, giving the player a nice theme to play with. The 24 photos featured in the game are aesthetically pleasing and are customized to the iPhone’s 320×480 screen, varying from sea animals to land forms – they seem to fit the game perfectly.

Jigsaw Wild is (unsurprisingly) similar to Aqua Jigsaw. Gameplay doesn’t differ greatly from that of AJ, but opts for a different theme. Jigsaw Wild includes a variety of good quality images – birds, insects, reptiles and animals etc. Like Aqua Jigsaw, it’s a worthy addition to your iPhone or iPod touch.

Both games load quickly, rarely lag, and perhaps most importantly, don’t cause a major drain on your battery life. I was impressed with the nicely polished animations and encourage you to take a look at these games.

– o.


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