Around the Internet: January 22nd

I’ve kind of dropped the ball on the whole “daily” Around the Internet thing, so expect somewhere between daily and fortnightly in the future. Today, I’m linking to a small selection of beautifully designed products. Let me know in the comments section if there are any favorites of your own.

iPod + Speaker + Bed Light [via Cult of Mac]
This thing looks fantastic. If only I could order one…

Monopoly Repackaging [via Daring Fireball]
Not only does this bring a little class to the packaging of an extremely popular board game, but Andy also goes to the trouble of redesigning the entire board game experience in the one-of-a-kind wonder.

iShelf [via Cult of Mac]
An extremely inefficient yet very pretty way of displaying a selection of your music.

Notebook Stickers [via Cult of Mac]
One of the first I’ve seen that isn’t tacky. There aren’t many of these around (and they’re only $11), so take a look.

While you’re ordering (or wish you were ordering) the creations above, take a look at these Apple fanboy inspired T-shirts as well.

Software we can believe in [via 9to5mac]
Now you can show your support of Obama and Apple, thus sharing something in common with everyone. ‘HOPE’ and ‘MAC’ T-shirts also available.

Because Steve says so
The original and the best. Brought to my attention by TGR’s Senior Associate Editor.

Have an elegant week, – r.


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