Film Reviews: American History X, Amores Perros

American History X

A former skinhead named Derek Vinyard (Edward Norton) tries to save his brother from making the same mistakes he made.

Despite this coming out about 10 years ago, I saw it only about a year ago. Wow. American History X gives a lot of insight to the viewer and forces them through a very hard-hitting guilt trip. American History X, which has a great cast and is directed by Tony Kaye (Lake of Fire), contains a very important message for everybody. American History X is very brutal and merciless, yet you still feel compassion for the two main characters as it was never really their fault that they came across such a terrible path (much like Ellen Burstyn’s character Sarah Goldfarb in Requiem for a Dream), which their father and many people around them perpetuated them to believe a horrible neo-nazi view on society.  American History X is a must-see and one of the most important films ever made.

I recommend: Schindler’s List, To Kill a Mockingbird

Amores Perros (Love’s a Bitch)

A car accident connects the lives of 3 people who’s stories all involve depressing stories of love, and dogs.

Amores Perros, which won many awards including the Critics Week Grand Prize from Cannes and was nominated for an Academy Award, is an epic which is both brutal and beautiful. Directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu, it is a film that is both visually and emotionally stunning. Amores Perros borrows elements from such films as Leon the Professional and Pulp Fiction and creates a meaningful story out of it.  Amores Perros is divided into 3 parts: one involving two adolecent boys in which one of them has a crush on his brother’s wife, and decides to get her out of Mexico by entering his pugnacious dog into dogfights, the second involving a model who survives a car crash that included the two boys from the first part and is confined to her wheelchair, spending nights crying or searching for her lost dog underneath the floorboards, while her boyfriend/ husband to be tries his best to take care of her, and the third story is about a homeless hitman who is desperate to get re-aquainted with his daughter and leave his horrible life. Although I personally found the first half lacking (despite many scenes with dead dogs) the story with the homeless man really tied the story together and was very good. The main car crash sequence, which connects the stories, is very graphic and so is the first part. Those who get grossed out easily should probably not watch this film (or American History X). All in all, worth watching and a good Drama/Thriller film.

I recommend: Pulp Fiction, The Godfather

– s.


1 Response to “Film Reviews: American History X, Amores Perros”

  1. 1 Paragraph Film Reviews December 17, 2009 at 5:57 am

    Amores Perros: Fantastic film, this made our “best of the decade list”!!!

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