The Green Room’s top posts of 2008

The New Year is almost here and to celebrate, The Green Room presents to you our top posts of 2008. We’ve been blogging for just under six months now, and hope to bring you more improvements at TGR in 2009. We’re looking at some great new features to put on the site. In the meantime, here’s some of our best articles: (Hit the ‘read more’ link)

10. Macworld 2009: liveblog details
Posted on December 8th

9. Mum! Dad! Our mall got a Mapple Store!
Posted on December 2nd 

8. Phil Schiller to present opening keynote at Apple’s last Macworld
Posted on December 17th 

7. iPhone 2.2 Rumor Summary
Posted on November 10th 

6. Sensis search to die very soon, world celebrates
Posted on November 5th 

5. iPhone app review: Monopoly Here & Now: The World Edition
Posted on December 14th

4. How To: Download MySpace Music to your computer
Posted on October 5th

3111 Hits Goes Live on Foxtel
Posted on October 27th 

2. Google sends out keyboard-shortcut-teaching stickers
Posted on December 6th

1. Chatswood Apple Store opening this Saturday
Posted on August 7th

The Green Room in 2009 kicks off with our redesign and live coverage of Phil Schiller’s Macworld keynote. You can find more info here. – r.


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