The ePhone is the best iPhone fake of 2008


We’ve seen our fair share of “iPhonies” this year, as listed by Gizmodo and Engadget and many others. Despite some great attempts throughout 2008, in my opinion, nothing beats the ePhone. (Warning: extreme sarcasm below) 

Listen up! With less than three days until Christmas, there’s no doubt you’re still looking for last minute gifts. While the greedy folk at Cupertino would just love you to get one of those shiny new iPhone 3Gs, you have another choice! The ePhone!

For just US $159 (or AU $253 – yes, they ship to Australia) the “ePhone M8 Dual Card Quad Band TV Bar Phone Black (SZR268)” (rolls off the tongue, don’t you think?) features a “razor-sharp image no matter where you are”, and its “extra-slim design means that it gives you razor sharp lines even when it’s in your pocket”. According to this URL-less, Phone-less and Address-less (surprise, surprise) company, the M8 is “more than a cell phone, it is a fashion statement”.

So what’s the best part of this unique design? That tacky looking Apple logo found on those iPhones comes right off! Incredible!

Getting down to the technical side of things, you’ll find the best specifications money can buy: a 3.2 inch screen and a 1.3 megapixel camera with “support to shoot with sound”. It’s also “TV-Supported”, comes with 1GB internal storage and features handwritten input! Neato!

Nothing beats the ePhone’s extensive software. From the polyphonic ringtone support to the video player, which has “pause AND forward” controls, and despite the lack of screenshots, the ePhone truly is a cellphone for 2008. Why have Mobile Safari and rich HTML email when you can have WAP connectivity? Forget the 10,000+ App Store – the ePhone includes one game, which I’m sure is great (if you speak Chinese).

Sarcasm aside, the ePhone claims to feature something iPhone owners have been requesting for a long time – MMS. However, I believe there’s no way this product will end up in anyone’s hands, especially since the ePhone has identical product shots to the iPhone but then contradicts itself with its specification of a 3.2 inch screen. Perhaps they have an early build of the iPhone nano?!

The online retailer selling the ePhone seems to have experience selling other iPhonies. Check out this page, dedicated to providing you with as much vague information as possible about these cellphones.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year, – r.

[Light in the box via Daring Fireball]


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