Bored? Go find some Google Easter Eggs


I found myself to be quite bored this afternoon, and during some of the many hours spent on the internet, I somehow ended up at one of Google’s Easter Eggs. So here’s a list of Google’s best. Hit the ‘read more’ link for a full rundown.

The Google Game 
Head over to this secret page to help Google’s Easter bunny catch the eggs in order to spell “Google”.

Chrome’s Clogged Tubes
For all the people running Chrome out there, type “about:internets” into the address bar to activate the built-in 3D Pipes Screensaver, with a “Don’t Clog the Tubes!” title added in. If your 3D Pipes have been deleted, Google’s internet browser will just say “The tubes are clogged!”.

Google at the Speed of Light
Type ‘c’ into Google, then hit search to find out what the speed of light is. 

Life, the universe and everything according to Google
Typing in (lowercase, without quotation marks) “the answer to life, the universe and everything” will prompt Google’s calculator to answer with “42”, a reference to Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

More calculator fun
Search (lowercase, without quotation marks) for “once in a blue moon” or “number of horns on a unicorn” to get 1.16699016 × 10-8 hertz and 1, respectively. You can also type “number of horns on a unicorn the answer to life, the universe and everything once in a blue moon” in that order to get the result “4.90135867 × 10-7 hertz”.

I’m a H4x0r and I speak Pig Latin, Bork Bork Bork, Klingon and Elmer Fudd
Google has a bunch of “unique” language services at your doorstep like the ones mentioned above. Click on the respective links for a localized Google homepage in these languages.

The Street View Production Team
Google’s Street View Production Team make a celebrity appearance at the rear of the Googleplex. Go to Google headquarters using Street View then head to the back of the building to see all of them. Such a happy group of people.

3:14AM on the iGoogle homepage
You’ll need to stay up late for this one. If you’re an iGoogle user and you have the Beach, City Scape, Tea House or Spring Scape theme on your homepage, wait until 3:14AM in your timezone according to Google. Then, depending on your theme you’ll see a Lochness monster if you’re on the Beach theme, UFOs if you’re on City Scape, Spirits in the mist on Tea House or a monster invading Spring Scape

Measurement in Smoots
Yep, Google Earth allows you to measure in Smoots, MIT’s unit of measurement of choice.

Kayaking to Australia
Finally, something for us Australians. Type “North America” to “Australia” in the directions section of Google Maps to get this instruction: “Kayak across the Pacific Ocean”.

Thanks to all the contributers at Wikipedia for their list, which I only modified slightly. These are Easter Eggs that can permanently be found on Google’s website. If you’ve still got time on your hands after going through all of these, take a look at the Google Countdown to 2009 calendar. – r.


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