FTC begins search for Innovative Marketing

Everyone’s favorite Federal Trade Commission has started a war against Innovative Marketing, the people behind notorious rogues such as WinFixer, XP AntiVirus and ErrorSafe. In a press release issued yesterday, the FTC said the official complaint detailed an elaborate ruse in which several advertising networks and individual websites were forced into carrying their malicious and misleading advertisements. Furthermore, they also mentioned the supposed locations of “Innovative Marketing” and another company involved, ByteHosting. A United States court has issued a temporary halt to the scheme and froze all assets of the people responsible.

This is great news for Windows users. These rogue anti spyware products have been the cause of countless complaints, as shown in this Yahoo! Answers search (Note: this search is for only one of their products, Innovative owns hundreds of websites, many with individual brand names and version numbers in order to confuse the consumer). Also notice the ads on the Yahoo! sidebar, promising remedies and removers for the example used (Winfixer).

Innovative Marketing and their affiliates are fraudsters, who should’ve stopped marketing and distributing their scareware along time ago. With luck, it won’t be long before the FTC finds Sam Jain and his cronies. Alex Eckelberry and the people at Sunbelt have a great write-up about the situation (link below). – r.

[Federal Trade Commission via Sunbelt Blog]


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