Switching to MobileMe: Episode 1


So this morning I finally made the switch. Here’s what I found from my adventures into MobileMe land:

Setup was relatively easy. The initial process of logging in to me.com was quick and user-friendly. My email address was active as soon as I completed filling in my details.

Mail was also easy. However, I decided not to forward my old Yahoo! address to MobileMe, instead opting to start over again and only contact the people I want to know my email address.

Contacts and Calendars were a little more difficult. The first sync of calendars/contacts to the “cloud” was about three minutes, but I’m on a relatively slow internet connection, so for most people it should take no longer than thirty seconds. Before you sync your iPhone’s contacts and calendars to MobileMe, remember to plug it in to iTunes to sync, as I remembered to at the last minute.

I have everything synced with my MBP and my iPhone. What went wrong?

I have an Apple ID for my iTunes Store purchases and Apple Online Store purchases. It is set up with my old Yahoo! address. As I learnt quickly after my initial setup, your MobileMe member name is also an Apple ID. Which makes it virtually impossible to import an existing Apple ID into a new Apple ID account.

Talking to MobileMe’s “Support Representatives” didn’t help, neither did (surprise, surprise) Apple’s online support. I am awaiting reply from the folks at iTunes support to see what can be done.

However, on the whole, I am quite pleased with the ease of MobileMe setup. I will continue to blog about any future problems I have with the service, but right now I think I might work on my iPhone app a bit.

Wishing you a happy weekend, -r.


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  1. 1 Apple’s iChat mistake « The Green Room Trackback on December 2, 2008 at 5:38 pm

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