The Spotlight Turns to Notebooks Live: Archive

TGR’s liveblog coverage of the October 2008 Apple Special Event has been archived for future reference. Check it out by clicking ‘continue’. – r.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

5:07AM: We’ll have further details (pricing, early reviews etc) shortly as well as clear pictures and other tidbits shortly. That’s all from me, thanks for viewing the live blog, and if you liked/disliked our coverage, please don’t forget to comment. – r.

5:06AM: And that’s a wrap.

5:04AM: No touchscreen plans right now, Steve says they’ve experimented with it.

5:02AM: Phil seems to think that “HD” movies/tv shows offer the better choice at the moment.

5:00AM: Apple Store still down.

4:59AM: 17 inch MBP is also being refreshed.

4:58AM: Steve on Blu-ray: “Blu-ray is a bag of hurt. I don’t mean from the consumer point of view. It’s great to watch movies, but the licensing is so complex. We’re waiting until things settle down, and waiting until Blu-ray takes off before we burden our customers with the cost of licensing.”

4:56AM: Media asks why Blu-ray is missing.

4:55AM: In case you were wondering, 110/70 is Steve’s blood pressure.

4:53AM: Steve is having Q&A with Phil Schiller.

4:52AM: Videos about design process, new features, no ad as of yet. Environmental talk.

4:50AM: Where’s iLife/iWork ’09 and iPhone 2.2. Don’t make me come up there, Steve…

4:48AM: MacBooks ship today. 

4:45AM: $1599 gets you better features – updated specs. 320GB hard drive.

4:44AM: One more thing: MacBook. Entry Price is now $999. White plastic model still around. New $1299 gets you the glass trackpad and black border (most MBP features) but on a 13 inch display.

4:41AM: Cinema Displays: 24inch model, now with black border, white Apple logo, thinner, more iMac like. “24 inch LED backlit display, 1920 x 1200 resolution, stereo speakers. Everything you need for $899, available in November.”

4:40AM: Another MBA configuration, at $2499 (in early November) 1.86GHz Intel, SSD standard.

4:38AM: The MacBook Air is getting an update. 9400M, 120GB hard drive + option for 128GB SSD. Also now includes mini display port.

4:37AM: For the first time ever – EPEAT GOLD rating (environmentally friendly etc). Also is only 0.95 inches thick – thinnest MBP ever.

4:35AM: Shipping today. $1999 for 15.4 inch display, 2.4GHz Intel, 2GB memory, 250GB hard-drive. Also available – $2499 gets you 2.5GHz Intel, 4GB memory & larger hard drive. Both models have the GeForces.

4:33AM: MBP has 9400M & 9600M GT – yes, both, built-in – you can choose either (4 hours battery on 9600, 5 hours on 9400)

4:31AM: Battery indicator on side of notebook, slot-loading super-drive (No Blu-ray?), 2 USB slots

4:27AM: New MBP: backlit (black) keyboard, built-in iSight, microphone, stereo speakers, magnetic latch, sudden motion sensor.

4:25AM: New MacBook Pro: Remember the leaks from yesterday? It’s the same notebook. Exactly the same.

4:23AM: 39% larger tracking area, multi-touch for gestures, glass for silky-smooth travel, entire trackpad is the button, multi-button via software, new four-finger gestures.

4:21AM: BAM! “We’ve got a new trackpad – a large multitouch glass trackpad.”

4:19AM: Ive off, Jobs on – looks like he’s going to talk about something now.

4:16AM: Talking about the design breakthrough of the MacBook Air’s aluminum build. I guess this suggests the same process for other notebooks now…

4:14AM: Jony (SVP Design) shows us how a current MacBook Pro is made.

4:12AM: Steve brings Jony Ive out on stage to talk about new ways of building Macs.

4:11AM: Steve is on stage again.

4:09AM: Mac Retail Market Share (US): 82.4% PC, 17.6% Mac

4:08AM: Steve mentions worldwide (including Sydney) Apple Stores.

4:07AM: Get A Mac “Throne” ad showing.

4:06AM: Tim Cook makes another PC joke – slide shows five reasons Mac is better than PC: 1. Better Computers 2. Better Software 3. Compatibility 4. Vista 5. Marketing

4:04AM: “We also work with third parties on productions like Fusion and Parallels.” (Windows XP on iMac behind him) “Frankly this sends a shiver up my spine.”

4:03AM: Steve sitting down in audience, Tim Cook up to talk about the Mac.

4:00AM: Steve Jobs is out on stage, mysterious invitation notebook behind him.

3:57AM: The crowd are seated inside now, same gradient colored backdrop.

3:54AM: We’re entering the final stages of preparation now.

3:46AM: The excitement is overwhelming – I can’t wait too much longer.

3:31AM: <30 minutes.

3:26AM: As usual, we’ll have the Event Summary & further info shortly after the event.

3:22AM: Sit tight everyone – less than 40 minutes remaining.

3:12AM: Most of the media have now been moved inside the lobby.

3:04AM: I’m hoping for the Apple HDTV – though I doubt it somehow…

3:00AM: One hour to go.

2:57AM: Apple Online Store now down across the world.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

9:18PM: Ok everyone, that’s about all from me until our scheduled kick off in about five hours. If you’re reading this and want to find out more about our liveblog, go right ahead and click here.

8:02PM: Don’t forget to play Gizmodo’s Event Bingo (there’s a free pizza in it)!

5:14PM: 10 hours, 45 minutes to go, folks.

Monday, 13 October 2008

8:21PM: Our coverage will kick off at about 3:00AM (AEST) on the day, with pre-keynote info and last minute rumors.

8:17PM: If you want to see the keynote spoiler-free, it’s best that you not check back here anymore. Instead, click here to be taken to MacRumors’ link to the Quicktime feed.

5:37PM: Looking for the Let’s Rock liveblog? Check it out (now in handy archive format!) here.

5:35PM: Get ready for TGR’s liveblog of the Apple October 2008 Special Event! More details here.

– r.


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