Let’s Rock: Event Summary

After Steve Jobs has revealed all about iTunes + iPod for the holiday season in 2008, here’s an event summary with all the major updates and news.


1. Steve Jobs is not dead.

2. NBC is back on iTunes from today.

3. HD TV Shows are available, USD2.99 per episode.

4. iTunes 8. New “Grid” view, Genius playlist feature.

5. iPod classic – 160GB discontinued, now down to a 120GB version only for USD249.

6. iPod nano – tall design, thinnest iPod ever, new interface, widescreen for cover flow, videos, photos. Includes voice recording app. Now available in 16GB & nine colours. 

7. iPod touch – new design, more iPhone 3G like – rounded at back, chrome edges, external volume controls & speakers, Nike+ built in and Genius playlist feature with 2.1. Same storage, slightly cheaper.

8. iPhone 2.1 – Genius, major bug fixing release, no app crashes.

9. iPod shuffle – new colours (silver, blue, green, pink and Product Red)

It appears the iPod shuffle has been given new colours and I believe the iPhone 2.1 update will include the Genius playlists.

Also of interest? Phil Schiller demoed Spore Origins, Real Soccer 2009 and Need For Speed: Undercover, and Jack Johnson played live at the end of the keynote.

We’ll have more news and images as they come to hand, plus a link to the QuickTime stream when it’s up and running on Apple’s servers.

– r.

Update: Our liveblog can still be viewed – just click the link at the top of the page.


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